Thursday, 12 December 2013

Fight Firm Against Adulteration – Pledge For A Healthy Today And Tomorrow

Do you know food adulteration is a booming industry in India? Yes, food adulteration cases in the country are on the rise with roughly every raid conducted by government authorities being deemed positive! India almost tops the list among other countries in the world on the rising cases of adulteration. According to government surveys and reports released, the amount of adulterated food figured at 8 percent in 2008-09. The figure more than doubled in 2012-13 at 20 percent! It is time people become increasingly aware of the menace and the serious health hazards associated with adulteration otherwise this figure will only triple in no time.

In the name of food, people in India today, are only consuming slow poison. Right from the staple foods consumed everyday to processed food, milk, fruits, vegetables, etc. are all adulterated. The health and family welfare ministry department conducted random tests of 29,328 food samples in 123 labs across India recently and found 20 percent of the items highly adulterated. It has been proven that most of the lifestyle diseases including chronic and non-chronic (diarrhea, paralysis, cardiac arrest, cancer, stomach disorders, liver and kidney problems, and more) are caused / triggered by adulterants found in cereals, pulses, milk, fruits, vegetables, spices, beverages, processed food, and more. Hence, fight against adulteration is important in India.

Why victimize yourself and your children consciously by consuming the ‘slow poison’? Say no to adulterated food. Buy only the purest and the best quality food products from reliable sources. Take the pledge today! Consume only unadulterated food. Ensure for yourself and your future generation a healthy lifestyle.

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