Friday, 13 December 2013

Save Your Children From Adulterated Food

A single food cannot provide all required nutrients to keep one healthy. Maintaining the highest state of mental and physical vigor is vital for growing children and hence the necessity of consuming different types of food with differing nutrients, all well balanced. Are you, as parents, providing the essential nutrients to your children? Are you confident about the quality and quantity of nutrients available in the everyday foods you provide them? Indeed not! The market is flooded with adulterated food products, right from breakfast cereals, jams, jellies, ketchups, biscuits and other processed food to pulses, flours, rice, spices, fruits, vegetables, and more. The adulterants cause serious health hazards, both in the short and long term.

Common adulterants in children foods
  • Artificial colors, starch, glucose, and foreign seeds in jams and jellies
  • Red beet and artificial colors often added to tomato ketchup
  • Substandard and unsafe ingredients in most biscuits
  • Animal fat in bakery products
  • Iron fillings in cornflakes to increase weight
  • Metanil yellow color in biscuits to maintain color
  • Mouldy wheat used to make flours
  • Urea, starch, water, veterinary drug residue, etc. in milk
  • Imported toxic lentils sold as local lentils
  • White powdered stone and chalk in common salt
  • Chalk powder in sugar
  • Mud grit stone materials, ash and mineral matter in breakfast cereals

Irrespective of whether you buy children’s food from kirana or branded stores, the list of ingredients or the nutrition facts label displayed in the food items you buy may not tell the real story. Consciously, you are only providing slow poison to your children! Save your children from adulterated food!

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