Friday, 27 December 2013

A New Year – A New Resolution!

Every year we make new resolutions. Some take a resolution to quit smoking, some take a resolution to stay away from fast food, some take resolution to hit the gym atleast 4 days a week, some take a resolution to be more punctual at work and the list goes on... 

What about welcoming this New Year 2014 with a progressive resolution, which will not only improve the health of our family but will help us lay foundation to fight for a social cause. Yes we are talking about taking a resolution to consume unadulterated food ourselves and ignite the fight against adulteration in the neighbourhood that we live in.

Majority of Indian households are engulfed in the shackles of buying and consuming adulterated food. In other words we have turned our eyes off to this critical supply chain error or cheating. We get educated and work hard to earn our living to live a fulfilling life. However, in this marathon of life we are forgetting that a fulfilling life flourishes on the threshold of health. And food being basic contributor to good health, we cannot ignore eating right by consuming Unadulterated Food!

Let’s take this resolution to be responsive about providing Unadulterated food to our kids, parents and ourselves to bring a positive change in the lives of people we truly care about and further spread the word to demolish food adulteration from India.

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