Monday, 30 December 2013

Rewrite The Rules Of Buying Your Monthly Ration!

With the advancement of science and technology, we’ve seen an agricultural revolution or commonly known as Green Revolution in our country. However, this revolution has had its share of pros and cons. The pros being higher production of food grains making India self sufficient and the downside being the negative effects of high use of fertilizers and pesticides. Overuse of fertilizers, pesticides affects the nutritive value of food grains.

Today, due to the pace our lives have taken, we fall short of time to inspect the food we buy, the food that our family intakes. In India the age old tradition of buying ration from Kirana Stores is a rule that almost every household has followed since generations. Does anyone take responsibility of quality checks at our local kirana store is what we should ask ourselves?

Even when we include a better food choice in our routine, even when we shun fast food, even when we include more fruits, we still see that the average life expectancy has decreased, the span of health related issues has increased, our immunity has taken a back seat. We should do a self-introspection in our lives and try to answer that why despite trying to be healthy, we are not?

It is commonly said that “our health is the mirror of what we eat”. And this is the answer to all above questions. We need to Change our Choices to increase the Chances of better Health of our family and society!

And this is not a tough task. It’s just we need to rewrite the rules of shopping. We need to question the Quality of the food and non-food items we buy as part of our monthly ration. We need to be sure of the Quality that our Kirana store offers.

At Sahara Q shop there has been a conscious effort to put the Quality in place as a priority. It’s time you take control and take the mission to fight adulteration ahead!

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