Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sahara Q Shop – Where Quality and Purity is a Mission!

Sahara Q Shop has been successful in its mission of providing pure and quality staples, processed foods, kitchen groceries, personal and home care products. But how do we ensure that each and every product that we offer you is in its highest form of purity and quality? Let’s explain you here:

At Sahara Q Shop we follow Sahara Quality Management System which begins at the grass root level of manufacturing and packaging by using Quality control techniques like raw material testing, online process monitoring and finished product testing. All food and non-food products go through SQMS to eliminate any physical, chemical or biological vulnerability in the entire value chain.
There are 7 hi-tech laboratories being established across India which focus on testing pesticides, heavy metals, naturally occurring toxic substances (NOTS) and all kinds of known food adulterants, besides testing for physical, chemical and microbiological factors.

The manufacturing/packaging locations are stringently selected by reviewing various factors like infrastructure, quality control processes, incoming material control, processing control, final product control, cleaning and sanitation practices, employee hygiene, pest control, training, quality assurance system, warehousing and transportation practices, to name a few.

Besides all these preventive quality control factors, SaharaQ Shop has a Quality Advisory Board comprising top notch scientists and doctors of India, who have been instrumental in making Sahara Q Shop achieve its mission of delivering Quality and Purity.

We are doing our part by ensuring that we follow and deliver the best standards of quality in all our products and spread the knowledge about food adulteration in India. However, this Fight against adulteration is incomplete without You. If the common man understands the perils of Adulteration, the entire nation can thrive in good food and good health.

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