Monday, 3 February 2014

We are what we eat!

“We are what We EAT” - a saying that is true to its words. The truth behind the words holds quite true to our health. Eating fresh fruits reflects fresh look on our face. Eating fresh vegetables reflects in our immune system. Eating pure food reflects in our overall health. Or shall we say eating “unadulterated” food reflects in our overall health and downsizes the existence of falling prey to critical diseases which occur due to the prolonged intake of adulterants in food.

Adulteration has become a part and parcel of the food products that we eat. 90% of society buys food items without questioning the source of these food items; the physical, chemical or biological vulnerability in the processing units, the hygiene and safety measures in the warehouses where these are packed and stored... all these factors in the value chain make a lot of difference to the quality of food.

At Sahara Q Shop, Quality holds the prime value in all the processes of the entire value chain. The elimination of Food adulteration is vital to the growth of our next generation. We as the society have to take vigil action against adulteration by saying no to Adulterated Food. It’s time we declare Fight Against Adulteration!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Say Yes To Good Food The Q9 Way!

After joining hands with the consumer market to curb Food Adulteration by enabling Adulteration free staples, pulses, spices, oil, sugar, processed foods to every household, SaharaQ Shop has delved its branch to the second level where the common man goes and consumes food in the moments of celebration, get together or when out of home.

Yes, we are talking about Hotels, Restaurants, and other forms of Catering services which offer food to the citizens of India. Usually people avoid eating out just because of the fear of poor quality ingredients used in preparing food at these places. However avoiding eating outside is not possible always. Therefore consumers look out for restaurants which are credible.

Keeping this credibility factor in mind, Q Shop has come up with a new standard of quality – Q9. The hotels, restaurants and caterers can now reassure their food credibility by using Q9 range of products which carry the Q mark and are manufactured and processed as per Sahara Q Shop quality standards.

The HoReCA Q9 range offers a competitive product range so that quality should not get compromised due to pricing. Happy Dining!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Buy a Q Shop Unadulterated Product at Re. 1

The term ‘offer’ is but humdrum in the shopping world. In a scenario where adulterated products are ruling the roost with consumers hardly aware of the menace of adulteration, availing an ‘offer’ in the non-adulterated food category is only a big gain! If you haven’t started shopping from http, you are far away from what ‘best quality’ is.

In the fight against food adulteration and prevent people at large from consuming slow poison (adulterated food), Sahara Q Shop has started spreading awareness amongst consumers and making available the best quality and non-adulterated food at your fingertips and at your doorsteps.

Yes, you can buy a Sahara Q Shop sample product at Re. 1. This offer is valid for all buyers purchasing products at worth Rs. 600 or more.

How do you proceed to buy the Q Shop sample product at Re. 1? Browse through the variety of free samples of products at the ‘Free Sample Product’ page. Add the product of your choice; you can choose only one sample product per order. Once you are done with the selection, purchase any of Q Shop products worth Rs. 600 or more. You will receive the sample product along with the purchased products at your doorsteps on the specified time.

Let’s kill adulteration before it kills us!

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Say Goodbye To Bone Chilling Weather – Get A Room Heater Today!

Year 2014 has been welcomed by the most chilling weather ever.  With the temperatures dipping to 6 degrees, it’s important to maintain the room temperature to a comfortable level so that our kids, parents and we ourselves don’t fall prey to winter ailments. Leave apart ailments, the bone chilling weather does not even allow us to work comfortably.

There is a variety of thermostats and room heaters available in the market which can ease the room temperature within few minutes. While buying any room heater, there are a few points to keep in mind. First and the foremost, the room heater must have a variable temperature control so that you can adjust the heating as per the weather condition. The room heater should be portable and must have an easy to carry handle. Lastly it should be ISI marked to ensure its quality and safety.

You can buy a 2000W Q - Room Heater WO Thermostat online from Sahara Q Shop at a price of Rs.2190 only. What’s more, it comes with a 12 months warranty. Mentioned below are the Features and specifications of the same:
•    1000/2000 W Heat Setting.
•    Variable Temperature Control.
•    Power Indicator.
•    Easy to carry handle.
•    Adjustable Legs.
•    Over heat Protection.
•    12 months Warranty.

So what are you waiting for? Say Goodbye to bone chilling weather and enjoy the season!

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Time To Say No To Food Adulteration!

Yes, we do deserve the best quality of living! But are we victimizing ourselves consciously by compromising on health? Indeed yes! Irrespective of where we live in any corner of India, we are knowingly consuming adulterated food, depriving ourselves of a quality life. It is we who can stop food adulteration. The more aware we are about the consequences of adulteration and stop buying and consuming adulterated food, lesser will be the prospects of food frauds in cheating people and healthier will be the society. Let us not plague the prospects of a healthy society that we can give shape to.

Someone has rightly said, ‘together we can, together we will’. Consumer awareness on a large scale can only help control adulteration. Many a consumer blindly buys food products without checking the ingredients, quality parameters, expiry date and other crucial information. Consumer awareness is the need of the hour. No wonder we are victims of many lifestyle diseases including chronic that affect us both in the short and long run – cancer, liver disorder, kidney problems, stomach disorders, digestive problems, glaucoma, skin diseases, and the list goes on. Unless consumers are aware of the menace of adulteration and become health conscious the situation cannot be brought under control.

It has been since 1899 that the laws regulating the quality of food have been in effect with several states formulating respective food laws until 1954. And then the Prevention of Food adulteration Act (PFA), a central legislation was enacted in 1954 by the government of India. The legislation came into force from 15 June, 1955. This was followed by coming into effect of the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA) in 2006. Irrespective of the Acts enacted, are government authorities able to curb the menace? It is a big No! It is only when consumers are aware and fight united that food adulteration can be contained. Say no to food adulteration by fighting against the menace.

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Accomplish More with Hand Blender!

A Hand Blender is an important appliance in the modern kitchen which can be put to use in various ways. If you are using your hand blender just to whip eggs for the breakfast or while making barter for baking cakes, then we have a host of activities that can put your hand blender to accomplish tasks with ease.

You can make a sumptuous puree soups with the hand blender. Generally it’s not easy to make puree of hot soups, so you can use your hand blender to cook puree soup. Similarly food can be made smoother for babies. You can blend papayas, bananas, apples... with the hand blender to convert them in a semi liquid form. Even the boiled rice can be blended with hand blender to make them as smooth as readymade baby cereals. Smoothies, Sauces, Chutneys, Salad dressings, whipped cream and more can be made using hand blenders.

You can buy Blender 10 Hand Blender online on Sahara Q Shop with one year service warranty. It’s available only for Rs.990. Blender 10 Hand Blender comes with 3 blades viz whipping blade, mincing blade and one extra blade.

Mentioned below are the features and specifications –

• 200 W balanced Motor
• Manufactured under Standards confirming IS: 4250.
• Wall mounting bracket
• 2 Speed conveniently placed switch
• Grooved hand shaft for easy grip with Brass stem
• Computer designed three Stainless steel blades- whipping
chopping & mincing.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Kitchen Knight Sandwich Maker!

Are you bored with the regular bread-jam or bread-butter breakfast? Are those paranthas in your breakfast keeping you away from achieving your fitness goals? Do you want to cook your breakfast quickly at the convenience of your dining table? If the answer to any of the above is Yes, then a sandwich maker is what you need!

You can make a range of sandwiches. If you are calorie conscious then go Subway style, stuff your favorite salads like cucumber, tomato, onion, lettuce, add a bit of your favorite dressing & seasoning and grill this sandwich in the sandwich maker. For your kids, you can prepare cheese sandwiches and when short of time, you can use leftover vegetables to prepare yummy veg sandwiches.

You can buy Kitchen Knight Sandwich Maker to make healthy yet delicious sandwiches at home. Order this sandwich maker online on Sahara Q Shop for just Rs.950. What’s more, it comes with one year service warranty.

 Following are the features and specifications of Kitchen Knight Sandwich Maker:

• Power Input: 750 Watt
• Sleek Elegant Design
• Griller-Cool
• Thermostat control skid for overheat safety protection
• Cool Touch Handle & Non stick coating
• One Year Service Warranty
• 2 Slice Sandwich Option

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