Monday, 3 February 2014

We are what we eat!

“We are what We EAT” - a saying that is true to its words. The truth behind the words holds quite true to our health. Eating fresh fruits reflects fresh look on our face. Eating fresh vegetables reflects in our immune system. Eating pure food reflects in our overall health. Or shall we say eating “unadulterated” food reflects in our overall health and downsizes the existence of falling prey to critical diseases which occur due to the prolonged intake of adulterants in food.

Adulteration has become a part and parcel of the food products that we eat. 90% of society buys food items without questioning the source of these food items; the physical, chemical or biological vulnerability in the processing units, the hygiene and safety measures in the warehouses where these are packed and stored... all these factors in the value chain make a lot of difference to the quality of food.

At Sahara Q Shop, Quality holds the prime value in all the processes of the entire value chain. The elimination of Food adulteration is vital to the growth of our next generation. We as the society have to take vigil action against adulteration by saying no to Adulterated Food. It’s time we declare Fight Against Adulteration!

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