Monday, 20 January 2014

Time To Say No To Food Adulteration!

Yes, we do deserve the best quality of living! But are we victimizing ourselves consciously by compromising on health? Indeed yes! Irrespective of where we live in any corner of India, we are knowingly consuming adulterated food, depriving ourselves of a quality life. It is we who can stop food adulteration. The more aware we are about the consequences of adulteration and stop buying and consuming adulterated food, lesser will be the prospects of food frauds in cheating people and healthier will be the society. Let us not plague the prospects of a healthy society that we can give shape to.

Someone has rightly said, ‘together we can, together we will’. Consumer awareness on a large scale can only help control adulteration. Many a consumer blindly buys food products without checking the ingredients, quality parameters, expiry date and other crucial information. Consumer awareness is the need of the hour. No wonder we are victims of many lifestyle diseases including chronic that affect us both in the short and long run – cancer, liver disorder, kidney problems, stomach disorders, digestive problems, glaucoma, skin diseases, and the list goes on. Unless consumers are aware of the menace of adulteration and become health conscious the situation cannot be brought under control.

It has been since 1899 that the laws regulating the quality of food have been in effect with several states formulating respective food laws until 1954. And then the Prevention of Food adulteration Act (PFA), a central legislation was enacted in 1954 by the government of India. The legislation came into force from 15 June, 1955. This was followed by coming into effect of the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA) in 2006. Irrespective of the Acts enacted, are government authorities able to curb the menace? It is a big No! It is only when consumers are aware and fight united that food adulteration can be contained. Say no to food adulteration by fighting against the menace.

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