Friday, 29 November 2013

Health Hazards of Food Adulteration!

We eat to live. Health is wealth. A healthy mind rests in a healthy body. These phrases /maxims seem insignificant if you are consciously consuming adulterated food! With almost all everyday foods available in the market being adulterated, staying healthy today seems an unfeasible affair. Say ‘no’ to adulterated food and live healthy!

Adulterants cause adverse health effects. Enlisted below are few health hazards of food adulteration:

  • Epidemic dropsy, glaucoma, and cardiac arrest are caused by argemone seeds / oil mixed with mustard seeds, edible oils and fats
  • Cancer and liver disorder are caused by saw dust, foreign leaves, exhausted tea leaves, artificial colors mixed with tea
  • Diarrhea is caused by tamarind seed and chicory powder mixed with coffee
  • The digestive tract gets damaged by sand, marble chips, stones, filth and lead mixed in food grains and pulses
  • Anemia, abortion, paralysis, and brain damage are caused by lead chromate mixed with spices
  • Blurred vision, blindness, death are caused by methanol mixed with alcoholic liquors
  • Dizziness, chills, cramps, paralysis, and even death are caused by lead arsenate sprayed over fruits
  • Brain damage, paralysis, and even death are caused by mercury treated seed grains and fish
  • Foot-drop, insomnia, anemia, constipation, mental retardation, and brain damage are caused by lead found in water and processed food
  • Stomach disorder is caused by chalk powder mixed with sugar
  • Stomach pain and ulcer are caused by coal tar dye mixed with green peas and pulses.

And the list goes on…It is time we are seriously aware of the health hazards of food adulteration and stop consuming adulterated food. Start buying the purest and best quality foods from reliable sources. For more information on quality products visit

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