Thursday, 21 November 2013

Common Adulterants in Beverages!

A few sips of tea or coffee in the morning do make your day, energizing you for the chores ahead! Today beverages are included sensibly as part of the everyday food as balanced diet that is calorically appropriate and nutritionally adequate.

Though beverages may not add the required nutrients, they contain water, which indirectly helps prevent dehydration, thus maintaining body balance. Yes, fruit juices, of course, provide few of the required minerals and vitamins we need. But are you sure that the beverages you drink are pure and unadulterated? Definitely not! Almost all beverages available in the market are adulterated.

Common adulterants in beverages and diseases caused
•    Tea may contain fluoride; it causes mottling of teeth, skeletal and neurological disorders
•    Tea also contains exhausted tea leaves, foreign leaves, saw dust artificial colors, which cause cancer and liver disorder
•    Chicory and tamarind seed powder are used as adulterants for coffee; they cause diarrhea
•    Fruit juices and soft drinks generally contain cadmium; this adulterant causes liver and kidney damage, increased salivation, prostrate cancer, and acute gastritis
•    Water and liquors may contain cobalt, which causes mycocardial failure and cardiac insufficiency
•    Cold drinks contain brominated vegetable oils, which cause enlargement of heart and anemia
•    Alcoholic liquors contain methanol, which causes blurred vision, blindness, and even death
•    Carbonator water beverages contain aluminium leaves; this adulterant causes stomach disorders.

While adulteration may happen during the processing and packaging stage, food frauds purposely incorporate adulterants for financial gain. These adulterants cause adverse effects on our health. It is time we are aware of the menace and buy only pure beverages free from adulteration! See More details at

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